Free download Atlantis Word Processor v2.4.2249 Official, Serial Number

RawView views and converts raw-files from various Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Olympus and Kodak D-SLR cameras. Preliminary support for Adobe Digital Negative (DNG) format is also included.

Features include custom tonal curves, adjusting image parameters, white balancing, auto-orientation, resizing and exporting photos (JPEG, 8 and 16bit TIFFs). RawView also supports EXIF-information when available.

Free Schedule v3.7.41 New version & Patch + Keys

Schedule is a user friendly and dependable 32-bit automation task scheduler used by major corporations worldwide. Schedule provides the tools you need to automate all your repetitive and / or complex tasks. Schedule is multi-threaded so it is never too busy to launch your tasks on time. Schedule is built for heavy-duty use so you won’t overload it. Tasks can be scheduled to launch based on a flexible range of dates, times, window events, file events and options. Copy or FTP files. Launch and control programs. Logoff or reboot your PC. Automatically respond to password dialogs and to other windows. Schedule also has it’s own built-in ‘EMac’ macro language with IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The IDE combines a macro editor, intuitive wizards and macro testing tools to make macro creation easy (for developers and for non-programmers). With EMac you can create macros to automate very complex tasks. Schedule is feature-rich even without EMac. But, if you need extra help getting a tough job done, EMac is there if you need it.

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Ultra Video Joiner is a professional video file joining tool which join or merge multiple video clips into a large one like AVI Joiner, MPEG Joiner, WMV Joiner, RM Joiner, and MP4 Joiner. The Movie Joiner supports so many video formats including AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4 formats. You can add an unlimited number of video files to the list and easily rearrange their order if needed, then merge the videos files to AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, DVD, and WMV formats. You even can use it to convert a single file. It also supports join video files to VCD or SVCD image and DVD-Video files, so you can burn them into one VCD, SVCD, or DVD disc easily by using third-party burning tools. It already includes all video encoders and decoders. So you don’t need download any other codec’s to make it work.

Free download PhotoEchoes v3.5.004 Official version & Regcode

PhotoEchoes is a digital Kaleidoscope that generates animated images based on photographs stored in your computer. It can run as a stand alone program (windowed or full screen) or as a screensaver. With the ability to capture and save at high resolution the images and tileable patterns it creates either to a file or directly as the Desktop Wallpaper. Can record the animations in Video files (AVI format) for display in other devices.

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FlipPix Art – Main Street invites you to take a long relaxing walk and explore the puzzles our little town has to offer – a fire station, a floral shop, a park, an antique store, and more. FlipPix Art – Main Street contains 268 puzzles in a variety of sizes from 5×5 to 20×20. An old Japanese logic puzzle takes on a new look with FlipPix Art. Touch tiles to paint them or break them to form colorful images. The goal is to use logic to determine which tiles should be filled to reveal a hidden picture. FlipPix Art is designed for tablets and incorporates a type of logic puzzle often referred to as a nonogram or griddler. A short tutorial on the basics of the game is included.

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This handy free screensaver connects you directly to the Cowboys. Every day you’ll automatically receive updated news, events, stats, trivia, player and cheerleader photos, video, and more. The screensaver is automatically updated with new photos after every game. The new design consolidates most popular information into convenient sections. An unobtrusive browser toolbar alerts you to breaking Cowboys’ news and NFL scores. You can also keep weather and search tools at your fingertips while you work.

Version 2.0 includes a redesigned interface and now supports widescreen and extra-large monitors.

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55nine Manager is an easy, centralized and affordable management and monitoring solution designed for every Hyper-V user. It provides many of the features of System Center Virtual Machine Manager specifically needed for SMBs, and requires no additional hardware. Learning or evaluating Hyper-V is now easy with this simple, yet powerful solution, helping new users and VMware admins make the transition to the Microsoft Cloud Platform. 5nine Manager with Antivirus includes non-invasive security protection with the fastest scans in the industry. Now Hyper-V administrators have access to the management and security features they need, without any complexity.

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Get Free Avg pc tuneup v3.2.2416 Latest + Keygen

Dapyx Messenger Archive eader allows you to read the Yahoo Messenger archive log files and easily convert them to standard formats, like HTML and plain text, while being able to choose whether to preserve or not the formatting of the text and the smileys. It can read any Yahoo .dat log files, even without being online, being logged in the yahoo account, or even without knowing the password. It is also possible to secretly turn on the message archiving for every yahoo account on the computer. The program can be useful to help you find messages much faster, by featuring a powerful search function, enabling you to search your entire message archive or just through some conversations. With just a few clicks, you can save your entire Yahoo Messenger log archive to HTML or plain text, in one big file or each conversation in its own file. It has a “favorites” feature, making retrieval of your most important messages much faster, regardless of the number of messages you have. This version is the first release on CNET

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Slay is a simple-to-learn game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. The island is divided among six players, and you must try to capture your enemies’ land and link your own territories to create larger and stronger ones. You begin capturing land by attacking with your peasants. Once your territories become richer, you can combine peasants to make stronger and stronger people (spearmen, knights, and barons) who can kill weaker enemy troops, or knock down their castles. Just be careful you don’t create too many expensive men or the territory will go bankrupt. Version 5 includes a built-in lobby system to play games over the Internet.

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It ‘s time to Build A Word. Place letters in the outline provided to build a word one letter at a time. By pushing the letters of each word together, words will ” morph ” into WordFriends. DOG, DUCK, PIG, ANT, FROG, BUG, COW, CAT, SHEEP and BEE come to life, engaging children to build early literacy skills. WordWorld, an Emmy award winning television series funded in part by the Department of Education, has been shown to significantly improve early literacy skills.

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Account Xpress is a personal finance management software for Windows loaded with features designed to help you manage your money easily and efficiently. Track and reconcile transactions for virtually any kind of accounts (credit cards, savings, checking, credit line, cash). Budget management is made easy with the help of user-defined income and expense categories, budget projections, and budget versus actual comparison reports. The tree view structure allows you to organize and access your financial information intuitively. Features include presentation of a global cash flow picture, calculation of net income over any given period, two distinct methods for managing your budget, transaction splitting into many accounts and/or categories, transaction schedules, transaction templates, support for multi-currencies, unlimited number of budget categories and category levels, numerous charts and reports related to your financial and budget activities. Create recurring transactions that are generated automatically at the proper time. Define and use transaction templates to quickly create transactions that recur at irregular intervals. With budget projections, you can now say exactly when and how much you are planning to earn or spend on a specific budget category. Password protect your file to prevent unauthorized access to your data. Import data from Quicken Interchange files (qif) and Open Financial Exchange files (ofx and qfx). Copy selected entries from any list to the clipboard for pasting into other applications like Excel. Category and payee management is simplified with the ability to merge together two categories or two payees at any time. Re-locate categories and payees in the tree view with simple click-and-drag operations. Backup your file automatically with the new backup utility. Know where your money goes and stay in control with Account Xpress. This program benefits anyone serious about controlling their personal finances, and managing their budget.

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The TVersity Media Server lets you manage your Internet and home media and create your personalized lineup of channels, or as we call it your Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG). It then serves this media to a multitude of networked devices in the home or on the go, overcoming their inherent limitations by doing all the necessary conversions on the fly, and thus making your media available anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Free Frame Photo Editor v3.0.2.1 Full + License code

Frame photo editor is a photo editor that would let you do the work YOUR way, but do it all for you. With Frame Photo Editor, you can easily enhance your photo effects by blending your digital photos onto another image. The photo will be masked as special effect which you can select from a lot of masks that Frame Photo Editor provides.You can also easily add cool frame, pretty flowers and cartoon clips onto your pictures. And you can insert text into pictures with speech frame. It makes your photo more interesting and attractive. You can easily change the size and position of the photos, flowers, cartoon pictures or text just by clicking and dragging them. You can even rotate the mask or the photo just with your mouse moving. After having edited pictures with Frame Photo Editor, you can print them, email them, or set as your Desktop Wallpaper. You may also upload onto Web site, your album, and on Internet. It is also a photo album page maker.

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Two popular card games. In Memory Snap you need to win as many cards as possible. Counting cards is necessary as you shouldn’t throw a card with the same number with an opponent’s card. In Suspense you need to throw all your cards away. Players take turns in throwing one card after one other. The card thrown must have the same number or color with the card down on the table. The application includes detailed instructions. Currently two-players games are supported – you play against the computer.

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Download TWD Remote Anything v1.5.0.70 Full, Patch + Keys

Shoppindo helps you memorize your shopping plan. This app is intuitive and easy to use. Minimalistic design helps you manage your shopping itinerary saving you time and money. You can easily add or delete items to your list, along with prices and measurement units. Favourite items can be marked for later usage and every list can be safely backed up on the server. Best thing is: even if you forget an entire list, someone can share it with you via text message or email it to you. Only thing you will ever need for a stress free grocery shopping is this free application on your smart phone or tablet and your wallet. Product features: 1. Create multiple shopping lists, 2. Add or edit items to your shopping list, 3. Save time by assigning favourite items, 4. Make and edit your own item categories and units, 5. Mark items as “done” or “not done”, 6. Toggle list between â??done”, â??not done” and â??all” items, 7. Calculate total value of purchased items, 8. Share lists by email or text message, 9. Add you custom categories and units that are used in app, 10. Backup and Restore database, 11. Transfer data to other device via personal server account In Hypercube we put our time, knowledge and effort to the test. Our dream is to find ideas, develop and deliver multi-platform mobile apps that stand out in quality and uniqueness of design. If you have any suggestions, complains or if you just feel like sharing your thoughts and ideas in the area of design and software development, please contact us. Hypercube

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Wow Lock M gives you the opportunity to arrange and manage photos, videos and audios by folder. Plus, it will allow you to use the Lock Features for your privacy. 1. In photo/video/audio folders page > add from camera > add from phone storages > lock/unlock by folder > create new folder > rename folder > delete folder > slideshow > export folders > share folders > folder properties 2. In photo/video/audio items page > three view mode grid/list/likes > favorite > memo in each photo > delete photo > share photo > photo properties > add from camera > add new photos from phone storages > copy/move photos > delete photos > export photos 3. In photo viewer > zoom in and out > slideshow > thumbnail photos > memo on photo > delete selected photo > share selected photo > rotate photo 4. In settings > set app password > buy > about > review > feedback > translation.

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CarStand is full featured dashboard application for your car. With CarStand you can easily program compatible NFC tags to start app automatically. Features: Dashboard to see current time, location, three hour forecast, battery and now playing song. Assign unlimited shortcuts to quickly launch apps and settings. Add contacts from address book to quick dial list or dial number directly from within the app. Add your custom locations and navigate to them with one click. Open detailed forecast with two finger tap or double tap on display. Backgrounds change dynamically based on weather conditions. Media player buttons to control now playing. Share current location. Find where I parked feature. Full landscape support. Media player can control only built-in XBOX music app. Only apps that implement the interface for launching apps can be added to the list. If you want us to add app please contact us at [email protected] or send feedback from within CarStand app. We will contact the developer of the app and will ask if it can be added.

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NaturePainter Digital Canvas is the natural media painting software for Windows that makes it easy to learn, practice, and teach painting. Packed with tutorials and features, NaturePainter software lets you try different natural painting techniques, use different brushes and tools, and experiment with colors and styles digitally before using expensive art supplies. Artists can use NaturePainter to create rich paintings or illustrations, and to try new designs before committing them to canvas. You can also use it to teach art and oil painting, or for adding natural paint effects to digital images. Version 1.2 features new help file and additional tutorials.

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Handicap Manager for Excel is a full featured software application written for Microsoft Excel for Windows. In includes full support for Excel 2007 through 2016 and beyond as well as Office 365. It meets all the calculation requirements of the USGA Handicap System for the computation of USGA Handicap Indexes. It can also be used to compute scoring averages, league handicaps and custom handicaps based on parameters that you set. In addition to calculating and tracking golf handicaps, it can also track a number of additional statistics as well as team scores and matches. Its user friendly interface, and point and click simplicity make it easy to use even for computer novices. Whether you are maintaining USGA Handicap Indexes for all the members of a golf club or just tracking your own scores, Handicap Manager for Excel provides an easy solution.

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Advanced Web Ranking is search engine ranking software that emulates a manual search through each search engine. It works exactly like if you were manually checking your keywords ranking position via a browser. This way, Advanced Web Ranking is able to produce reliable and accurate website positioning reports. Advanced Web Ranking allows you to check Google ranking through Google API thus proving its full compatibility with the Google search engine and making it one of the most search engine friendly tools on the market.

Free Handicap Manager for Excel v3.0 Final, Cracks

Handicap Manager for Excel is a full featured software application written for Microsoft Excel for Windows. In includes full support for Excel 2007 through 2016 and beyond as well as Office 365. It meets all the calculation requirements of the USGA Handicap System for the computation of USGA Handicap Indexes. It can also be used to compute scoring averages, league handicaps and custom handicaps based on parameters that you set. In addition to calculating and tracking golf handicaps, it can also track a number of additional statistics as well as team scores and matches. Its user friendly interface, and point and click simplicity make it easy to use even for computer novices. Whether you are maintaining USGA Handicap Indexes for all the members of a golf club or just tracking your own scores, Handicap Manager for Excel provides an easy solution.

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Get Free Fractal eXtreme v1.01 New version & Cracked

Fractal eXtreme is a fast, interactive fractal designer that allows exploration of the Mandelbrot set and other fractals with point and click ease. After you’ve zoomed in a few dozen times, you can be pretty certain that nobody else has ever taken the exact route that you are taking, and that you are exploring untouched territory.

Version 2 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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VJDirector2 (Live production software) is a Windows-based soft workstation for multimedia editing, recording and broadcasting, and support HD.Features include special effect switching unit, CG editor, VGA capture via network, vitual cam, subtitler, video recorders, network broadcasting system, simple drive broadcasting system and linear editing system. The system contains 3 to 10 input channels that support multitude input methods, including analog or digital device, real-time network steaming, files, pictures. And there is a new feature of VGA capture in VJDirector2, you can use VJVGA function to capture an other computer’s screen or a region of the screen. The system supports real-time switching among all channels, and supports various 2D and 3D switch effects which can be extended, customized and upgraded. It also supports real-time subtitle, logos, and it’s own powerful CG editor which has various effects like clock, you can achieve fantastic real-time video. The system enables a variety of output methods, including real-time streaming(MMS), AVI /WMV files, Virtual device output, hardware device output(via Decklink or 1394 card).

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WinTariff is a program to collect and process information about telephone calls. The program receives data from the office PBX about date or time of the phone call, duration, dialed number. WinTariff stores data to the hard disk of the computer and uses it later in course of the processing. Based on duration and dialed number, WinTariff calculates cost of the call and determines the direction (in case of the long-distance calls – the city which has been called). The program builds up various reports – about all calls during the month, calls to a certain internal subscriber. Based on data about the calls the program is able to calculate various statistical data – this data allows the user to analyze usage of the resources of the office PBX and to improve operation of your office.

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Free download Autocad 2018 v1.8.1.16 Portable + License Key LabSim for CompTIA Network+ provides hands-on practice in designing, and configuring a LAN/WAN network in a simulated environment. Lab exercises. The devices that could be simulated include workstation, DHCP server, WAP (Wireless Access Point), routers and switches. The software package also contains lab manual with 100+ lab exercises with scenario type labs for WAP, VLAN, and VTP configurations. LabSim offers a GUI based LAN/WAN Network Designer module. Network designer enables one to configure onw’s own labs using different devices and connectors. The designer provides drag and drop feature for inserting devices and connectors.

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Kindle PC Converter quickly and easily convert eBooks in Kindle for PC to PDF file. user can view PDF eBook on other computer or device, also can print Kindle eBooks without limitation. it is 1-click converter and easy to use, simple and fast, with no complicated options. The program adjust to best eBook resolution automatically, this ensures perfect conversions into PDF.

Key Features
One-click converter.
Adjust eBook screen size automatically
Perfect conversions into PDF.
Optimize PDF file for e-reader.

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Turn Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 into a full-blown terminal server. Adding Thinstuff’s XP/VS Terminal Server software to a Windows workstation enables you to establish an unlimited number of RDP connections to it. This turns your Windows workstation into a complete Terminal Server and enables cost effective Server Based Computing. Deployment of Thinstuff’s XP/VS Terminal Server enables cost savings in licensing, hardware, service and support. Additional features which make XP/VS Terminal Server a really complete Terminal Server: Enhanced Application Compatibility: Compatibility Mode for older applications which are not Terminal Server enabled (e.g. change user /install, ini file mapping, registry mapping, etc.); Domain Authentication: Authentication of Terminal Server users in a Windows Domain; Shadowing: Mirroring of RDP sessions for support purposes; TSX USB: Thinstuff’s TSX USB is a revolutionary software solution that enables access to any client attached USB devices remotely over network just as if you would have plugged them in directly to the XP/VS Terminal Server computer; TSX Session Broker–Load Balancing: Based on server load values incoming RDP sessions are automatically assigned to individual servers in multiple server environments.

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Allok Video Joiner is a powerful tool to join or merge multiple AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, 3GP, MP4, FLV files into one large file in various format. You can add an unlimited number of video files to the list and easily rearrange their order if needed , then merge the videos files to AVI, Divx, XviD, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV, MP4, FLV formats. It also supports join video files to VCD/SVCD image and DVD-Video files, so you can burn them into one VCD/SVCD/DVD disc easily by using third-party burning tools. It’s very easy to use and fast with high quality.

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The ItsMyBill application presents the most convenient way of billing directly from your WP. ItsMyBill is, at present, the most widespread and popular billing service in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and it is offered free of charge. In an application designed for WP you can connect to the existing agenda or create a new one. Then you can start issuing and sending invoices, working with contacts or the price list as with other functions; just like an internet browser or using a regular PC. Moreover, your accountant will simply love you – all invoices issued using a smartphone can be directly downloaded into accounting software at anytime. The application will also make your business easier thanks the option to check information about companies in the business register. We have been developing accounting programs for 24 years, so ItsMyBill for WP gives you complete assurance that your invoices will always be issued according to the valid legislative.

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Spider Collection is World’s Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else. Spider Collection has many new features like 999 trillion(999,999,999,999,999) shuffles,add/organize favorites, move incomplete games to pending list, hot games, save a game and open the saved game, incomplete and finished games auto save,recently played/opened/saved list,Unlimited Undo and Redo, Undoall and Redoall,Replay Forward, Replay Back and Replay All, General, Game-wise,Date-wise and Player-wise Games Statistics with Chart, Session wise Summary and details with chart, High Score Statistics by General, Game, Player, Score,Moves and Time wise, Full Statistics Log by Players, Games and Date wise, Export Statistics and Clear Statistics features, Recent Games List, Game History and Export game history, Random Range Selection between 9 and 999 trillion, Create, Modify and Delete Players,Customize Backgrounds with textures,colors,pictures,color schemes,custom images and image folders, Customize card decks, Sound, Selectable Card Speed for all moves, Customize tool bar, Autoplay,Pause games, Moves manager and more.

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MyLobEditor is a database tool that helps DBA and Database Programmer edit Mysql LOB (text, blob) data directly. Unlike other database tools that export LOB data to file and calling external editor to view or edit the file then import the modified data to database one by one, MyLobEditor’s easy-to-use editor let you edit LOB data directly and uninterruptedly.

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Mazaika is a photomosaic creation application. It produces mosaic images composed from many small images, such as a Truman Show movie poster–a composite of hundreds of little pictures to mimic another larger image. You can use image files in almost any format and size for this composition. Mazaika can assemble mosaics from digital camera shots, captured video/movie frames, and scanned photos. There are many adjustable parameters for control of the creation process. You may change any single tile in the mosaic and insert a custom tile into the position you want or into the most suitable position. The resulting mosaic is saved as one big BMP, JPEG, or TIFF file. The new version has a simple wizard interface, a context help system, a recent used files menu, custom cropping adjustments for the tile library, and a TIFF file format output.

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Deskman allows you to tightly secure desktops and lock computers, and it’s suited for both home users and administrators. Combining different options, you can achieve the desired level of security. Deskman is advanced, yet accessible, desktop security manager for Windows. It also includes Spanish and Japanese language support. User groups or individual users can be included in the exception list, new restriction to disable USB drives, reboot adviser icon in the status bar.

Free download Global Network Inventory v2.2.0.4 & Serial

Global Network Inventory is a software and hardware inventory system that can be used as an audit scanner in an agent-free and zero deployment environments. If used as an audit scanner, it only requires full administrator rights to the remote computers you wish to scan. Global Network Inventory can audit remote computers and even network appliances, including switches, network printers, and document centers.

Free download Database For Microsoft Excel v8.3 Official + Patch + Keys

Free download Database For Microsoft Excel v8.3 Official + Patch + Keys

This is a general all purpose Database Spreadsheet Program with Integrated Dynamic Charting Capabilities. It will support both multiple independent and dependent databases (linked sheets) in a single workbook. It was designed for simple functionality and incorporates an easy-to-use interface for both experienced and non-experienced database users. A user can simply manage the data and also create impressive Data Analysis reports utilizing the built-in reporting features.

Version 8.4 includes an updated dialog box user interface.

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PDF Vision .Net is a component to convert images to PDF format. It supports BMP to PDF, JPG to PDF, GIF to PDF and other formats such as WMF, EMF, ICO, and PNG. The component created only with pure C#, it’s absolutely standalone and doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat. Developers can convert images to PDF with only two lines of code on C#, VB.Net and ASP.Net

The main goal of this version was the speed. You are wondering is it a really fast component? We would be a very appreciate you if you will find a component which converts JPEG and TIFF to PDF faster than PDF Vision .Net.

Advantages of PDF Vision .Net We can guarantee quaility of HTML to PDF conversion We can guarantee quality of TIFF, JPG, PNG or any image to PDF PDF Vision .Net is absolutely standalone and independent C# component. It does not require anything else. PDF Vision .Net has royalty free distribution Our HTML to PDF, Images to PDF component has reasonable price

Component’s features Converting of HTML to PDF with CSS styles, an output PDF looks the same as HTML in your browser Converts broken HTML documents to PDF Works with HTML 3.2, 4.01, XHTML, ASPX, any version of HTML document Works with files, URL and memory streams Allows to specify page size and page orientation of output PDF Allows to add text in header/footer of PDF document Technical Details

The PDF Vision .Net is completely written in C#. Requires only .Net 2.0 or higher platform. The component can be used in ASP.Net server-side and desktop WinForms applications.

Get Free Thundersoft gif to swf converter v1.21.0 New version + Patch + Keys

IIS URL Rewrite 2.0 enables Web administrators to create powerful rules to implement URLs that are easier for users to remember and easier for search engines to find. By using rule templates, rewrite maps, .NET providers, and other functionality integrated into IIS Manager, Web administrators can easily set up rules to define URL rewriting behavior based on HTTP headers, HTTP response or request headers, IIS server variables, and even complex programmatic rules. In addition, Web administrators can perform redirects, send custom responses, or stop HTTP requests based on the logic expressed in the rewrite rules.

Free DbSchema v5.8 Latest version, Patch

DbSchema is a complete solution for databases. This provides an efficient and productive environment to work in, with improved awareness of application schema architecture and easy access to application data. It has support for offline work and schema synchronization; make DbSchema an excellent tool for team work as well as a great tool for converting and merging database schemas. With DbSchema you will have a single universal database tool, fit for designing of schema, write and execute queries, explore of database data, explain plan, and team work.

Download Code Charge v10.0.0.50 Full & Regcode

Movkit DVD to iPod Ripper is a powerful converter supporting DVD VOB IFO format file.It helps you rip your DVDs to iPod 5G *Supporting AVC (H.264) for video*.Supports ripping by custom file size.It allows you to choose an audio channel and subtitle to rip which is convenient when ripping multi-language movies.The Individual,Visible,Crop setting is offered at the same time,You can view output in the program using Preview feature before converting.

Get Free Driver Support with Active Optimization v10.1.2.41 Full version & Serial Number

Having been in business since 1996 (Over 19 years!), we know the importance of creating and keeping satisfied customers. Driver Support provides an innovative way to diagnose issues with your PC, resolve those issues through support and driver matching technology, and optimize your PC’s performance. Driver Support’s access to a robust, industry leading database makes it the most accurate driver and software matching system available. Our matching technology means you never have to worry about whether your driver is the correct one for your device.

Plus with the new Active Optimization you can achieve even more performance gains. What does Active Optimization do? Here are a few of the things the software can do for you: Optimize CPU Usage; Prioritize Network Throughput; Improve System Memory Management; Reduce I/O Device Latency. Active Optimization uses patented technology (US Patent #8438378) to tune your Windows PC. It evaluates the workload, environment, and opportunities then adjusts your Windows OS to yield optimal performance and reliability. Based on a mathematical formula by Joseph-Louis Lagrange; Active Optimization takes on the hard work of keeping your Windows OS tuned and running smooth.